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Children's Ministry

Jesus had a special heart for children and so do we - growing spiritually as a family, making friends and having fun are our priorities.  

Our goal is to help children become true disciples of Jesus Christ through strong relationships, being examples of God's love, by teaching the word of the Lord. 

Our Saviour's Lutheran Church offers Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and other programs along with worship and fellowship.

Student's Ministry

Continuing a healthy relationship with Jesus through strong relationships, our ministry programs are high energy, authentic, and passionate environments for students to hang out, worship, and experience life changing teaching.  Confirmation, youth group, Bible camp and mission trips are just some of the activities students can get involved in.

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Adult's Ministry

Fellowship and community built through a strong love of Jesus Christ.  Continual growth through relationships....

Our Saviour's Lutheran Church offers various programs along with worship and fellowship.

Various Opportunities for Fellowship

*Bible Studies - men's, women's and co-ed groups meet to study God's word while building connections.

*Coffee after worship for all ages


*Mission Action Groups work together and with volunteers to complete Quilts, School Bags, Baby Kits, Sewing Kits, & Health Kits. These items are then sent around the world to people in need.  Sewing skills are Not a requirement.

*Fellowship Groups - OSL is proud to have so many fellowship opportunities available. 

- Sewing Ladies

-Spirits of Kindness

-The OSL Women Fellowship Group

Prayer and Care 

In prayer, we connect with God. God knows our hearts. He knows all of those for whom we pray, whether they are the dearest of friends or strangers in far-away places. Prayer doesn't require perfect words, only those that will come to you through conversations with God.  Contact the church office if you would like to be added to the prayers of the church.   

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